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  • A.Do you think discrimination against women in the work force is still prevalent even today?


  • B.From my own experience as a career woman, I would have to say that while things are getting better now than they used to be, it is still a widespread problem. Society is changing, but there is still a glass ceiling for women in many career tracks.


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  • A.Did your company go union? I heard that many companies in out industry are being unionized, so It's getting harder and harder to compete on a level playing field.


  • B.Yes, we're hopping on the bandwagon and signing up for the union. Mostly people are pretty happy about it… I guess it depends on if you are in management or in the labor force.


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  • A.Did you hear what's going on downtown today? All the worders from the factory are staging a demonstration in the streets. Not one of the two thousand employees showed up for work today,and they have gathered outside the city hall to demand better working conditions for all factory employees.


  • B.Wow,sounds chaotic.... two thousand people in the streets carrying picket signs and shouting slogans. What gave them the motivation to finally organize and call management on the substandard working conditions?


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  • A.The company is selecting three employees to attend the marketing seminar next month. Did you put your name in for it?


  • B.No, I don't really care too much for seminars…I find them to be either boring ot useless. I mean, how much can you really learn in one afternoon?


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  • A.What did you learn at the workshop you went to yesterday? Do you think it was worth the investment to go?


  • B.Yeah, I really got a lot of the session. The workshop topic was resolving personal problems. It was led by a professional human resoureces director. The teacher had a lot of experience, and I think we were all given a really good base to start with.


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  • A.At their last meeting, the stockholders voted unanimously to block the merger of our company with Blycore. All the executive committee was in favor of the merger...I don't understand how the stockholders could have so much power to throw a wrench in the plans...


  • B.If they all unite on a certain issue, it's the stockholders who have the final say. You'd think it might be our CEO or the workers, but in fact, the stockholders control the money so they have the most power.


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  • A.Management is going through a big turnover these days. With Bill's retirement, and department realignment, we have lost about 1/3 of our managerial staff. They've been dropping like flies…


  • B.Isn't that a good thing? Having fewer bosses means having less stress, don't you think?


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  • A.What did you think of the teambuiding session this morning?Do you think it did much good?


  • B.Well,a lot of the games were pretty silly.I don't know how much it helped us to be a better team,but i think everyone had a good time.


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  • A.So who does he think he is, anyway, I can't believe the way that my boss has been ordering everyone around laterly, I mean, it's now like he is the CEO, or anything.


  • B.Um...Actually I am guessing you didn't get the MEMO. Your boss was selected to fill the vacancy in the CEO slot. He actually is the CEO now, or will be, as soon as the official press releases and hoopla is done with.


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  • A.I hear you're being sent to Madrid for the annual conference. Is that right?


  • B.Yes, it would be my first trip overseas. Actually, it's going to be my first time leaving the country.


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