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  • A.Aren't you going to give us a training workshop next week? How are things going on your preparation for the presentation?


  • B.I'm having trouble narrowing down my topic for the training. I want to speak about how to improve our sales technique, but there is so much to say, it's hard to get organized.


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  • A.I've got to put together a sales pitch to give to our clients in the morning. You always give such amazing presentations, I was hoping you could give me some advice about how to win them over tomorrow.


  • B.Sure, it's easy. First of all, the secret to a successful oral presentation is to keep things simple. People are listening and they usually don't have a long attention spans. Stick to about three or four points, give an overview of the points, then present them one by one, and then summarzie at the end. Be straightforward and organized and you're sure to be remembered.


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  • A.Did you see the information on sales for last year? The sales review was made at our last board meeting. There's a great news for our shareholders.


  • B.Yeah, I went over the figures this morning. We're finally started making money again!


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  • A.Did you hear what happened in the Scott case? Some of the sensitive material were leaked to the press. Now every newspapers is all over it.


  • B.Oh...I bet the firm is fuming. Do they know who spilled the beans?


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  • A.I heard a rumor this morning...It seems Trusten Tools is going out of business.Another competitor is going bankrupt.That could be good news for us.


  • B.I think you must have heard wrong.The truth is we are going to be taken over by Trusten.We are being bought out,and our company will be merging with our largest competitor.It's not good news at all...


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  • A.Did you hear the news?Two of our major supplliers,Murphy Music and U-Tunes are merging!If they are conglomerated into one company into one company,it would have some serious affects on our market strategy.


  • B.Are you sure?Who told you that?I highly doubt that they would take the step to merge into one company...They're supposed to be bitter enemies,the strictest of competitors.It must be a rumor.It can't be ture.


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  • A.Don't you feel a little strange taking the place of your old boss after he was demoted?


  • B.Yes, at first I felt very awkward. After Bill was demoted and then resigned, it was kind of like somebody died! I mean the atmosphere in the office was like a funeral parlor or something . And then I was afraid people would look at me as a traitor for filling in his spot when the management asked me to...


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  • A.I wish our competiton will quit poaching our people, when Susan resigned last week to work for the Sunburst, she was our fourth employee to leave us for them.


  • B.Have you ever considered that perhaps we have a morale problem among our employees? If everyone is discontent with their work, of course they won't stick arround.


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  • A.Did you meet the new girl in our sales department. She is taking the place of Maggie during her maternative leave.


  • B.Did they finally fill that post, how come I haven't seen her? She must have not been inducted yet.


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  • A.I am totally fed up with my boss. He has crossed the line one too many times with his sexist comments. This time I am really going to report him for sexual harassment.


  • B.What happened? Did your boss say something to offend you at work?


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