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  • A.Susan, can you tell me in a nutshell what the retail market is like in China?


  • B.Well, as per capital income goes up and up, the growth sector seems to be in the high-end.


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  • A.Today is Saturday, isn't it?


  • B.Yes, what's wrong?


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  • A.... Now, that's all I want to say about world coal reserves. So let's move on to the next topic, renewable resources. There are three things we have to consider when talking about renewable resources. First, sustainability; second, marketability; lastly, the reality factor. Let's talk about each point in more detail...John, would you like to take it from here?


  • B.Certainly. As my colleague just mentioned, sustainability is a major concern when examining the potential output of a resource. Of course, as you can see from the content of our presentation today, with renewable resource, there is a much larger sustainability than with non-renewable resource.


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  • A.Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, we are happy you have all come out for our training workshop. Today we have a great line-up of speakers to talk to you. First on our program is a well-renown expert in the field of international economic development, Harvard's own Dr. James Smith. Dr. Smith has been involved in economic research for over twenty years, and has taught at Harvard since 1995. And now, without further adieu, we'd like to welcome Mr. James Smith.


  • B.Thank you, Mr. Jackson, ladies and gentlemen, colleagues, friends. The subject of my talk is international relations in a morden world. I plan to say a few words about the current situation in the Middle East and how it affects world economy. I'd like to give you an overview of the way that the economies of seemingly unrelated countries are intertwined. I've divided my talk into three parts, first an overview of international relations, second a discussion of current political situatioins, and lastly trends for the future. My presentation will take about two hours, but there will be a twenty-minute break in the middle. We'll stop for lunch at 12.


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  • A.Okay, everyone, shall we begin?


  • B.Sorry, Maggie, but we are missing a few people. Can we hang on a sec?


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  • A.All right. I want to bring everybody in on this project. When can we start working on this?


  • B.Well, we could probably get started with a strategy meeting tomorrow morning at 8:00.


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  • A.The demographic reports are in... From the looks of it, we're going to have to re-evaluate some of the content for our promotional events in different venues.


  • B.Why, what's the lowdown?


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  • A.This is a very good meeting, Liz.

  • B.I am happy that we’ve finally cleared up some problems.

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  • A.So that's the end of what I had prepared to share with you today. Now I'd like to open it up for questions. We have about twenty minutes for questions and discussion. I'd be very interested to hear your comments....Yes?


  • B.Yes, thank you for your excellent presentation. I have one question I would like to ask. You said our sales in Asia overall have been very low in general .... I'm wondering what the situation is like in Japan?


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  • A.I called this meeting today in order to discuss our manufacturing plan. As I’m sure you’re all aware,with the credit crunch, and the global financial crisis,we’re obligated to look for more cost efficient ways of producing our goods. We don’t want to have to be looking at redundancies. So, we’ve outlined a brief plan to implement the just-in-time philosophy.

  • B.We have two basic points that we want to focus on. First of all, we want to reduce our lead time.

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