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  • A.I called this meeting today in order to discuss our manufacturing plan. As I’m sure you’re all aware,with the credit crunch, and the global financial crisis,we’re obligated to look for more cost efficient ways of producing our goods. We don’t want to have to be looking at redundancies. So, we’ve outlined a brief plan to implement the just-in-time philosophy.

  • B.We have two basic points that we want to focus on. First of all, we want to reduce our lead time.

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  • A.Well, right, let’s move to our next order of business,as many of you are aware, in recent weeks there has been a lot of media coverage surrounding this bird flu issue. And it’s come to my attention that our company lacks any sort of bird flu contingency plan.

  • B.Basically, we need to come up with a clear plan.we need to outline specific actions that our company can take to maintain critical business functions in case a pandemic strikes.

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  • A.All right, people. We’re holding this meeting today because we’ve got to do something about our sales, and we need to do it NOW! I want concrete solutions. How do you intend to drive sales...Roger?

  • B.Well, in fact, we’re the most expensive in the market,so maybe we need to lower our prices to match the competitors?

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  • A.Well, you two.I have good news from Ms. Wells.


  • B.Are we opening the new shop?


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  • A.Well everyone, I'm sure you'd like to join me in thanking Michael for what was a really inspirational presentation. Sincere thanks Michael. Now, I'm sure many of you will be keen to ask some questions, so I'd like to open it up a Q and A session. Please raise your hand if you have any questions at all. Janice, go ahead.

    好了,各位。相信大家此刻都跟我一样想要感谢Michael做的这么有启发性的发言。谢谢了,Michael! 现在大家一定都有很多问题急着要提出,因此我们展开一个问答环节。想要提问的话请举手。Janice,你说吧。

  • B.Yes thank you Jonathan. I would just like to go back to the comment Mr. Ford made in regards to our competitors, particularly Orange. Now as you know, Orange has established themselves as the market leader in the high-end lap-top market. How does Mr. Ford expect to compete with a company that has such a huge reputation and huge resources?

    谢谢,乔纳森。我想说一下福特先生针对我们的竞争对手,尤其是橙子,所作的评论。据我所知,橙子将自己定位为高端笔记本电脑市场的领军企业。 福特先生打算如何跟这样一个声誉高、资源广的企业竞争呢?

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  • A.Jane, we are going to have a board meeting next Friday. Will you please arrange it for me?

  • B.Certainly, Mr. Robert. But can I have your plan?

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  • A.This is a very good meeting, Liz.

  • B.I am happy that we’ve finally cleared up some problems.

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  • A.Right, that ends the third and final part of our presentation. I'd like to end by emphasizing the main points. I'll give you a brief summary. There are three potential areas for development in the future, domestic, overseas market, and the internet. Each of these markets have their own particular need for marketing strategy.... for domestic, we can rely on past research, for overseas markets we depend heavily on our cultural consultants, and for the internet, we need to redo our image to appeal to a young set of consumers. Our main issue here is that we need to be sensitive to the needs of different markets in order to continue to see success. Mark, did you have anything to add?


  • B.Yes, I want to restate one more time the importance of reinventing our company's image to appeal to different customer bases. I want to end with a true story that has to do exactly with what we've been talking about today....


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  • A.Okay, here are the graphs and figures for this month's sales. Let's review them all together.


  • B.This first one , I have a question.... This graph is marking the sales perfomance for our line of hair products, right? Can this line be right? It looks like our sales plummeted. I can't believe we did that poorly.... If I remember correctly, sales went down slightly, but not as dramatically as the graph shows.


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  • A.Thank you for listening, that concludes the formal part of my presentation. Now we have time for a few questions before we break for lunch. Please don't be shy, if you have questions or something to say, just raise your hand.... Oh, yes, you in the back?


  • B.Can you clarify what you said about the standard design options?


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